Making Your Own Sex Toys DIY Style

Are you easily embarrassed, or maybe a little short on cash? Maybe you want a sex toy right now, and not tomorrow or next week when it's delivered from a sex toys store?

A homemade sex toy solution might be just right for you, and the materials to make it closer than you think. Men and women can both use readily available objects to create effective sex toys that are inexpensive, and since they are usually common household items or disposable, there's no need to store or hide the device when you are done.

This is also a great way for people in southern states like Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas, where sex toys are sometimes not allowed for sale in certain communities, or even technically not allowed to be sold by law. Most of these areas will still have dozens of products on the shelf that can be used as sex toys.

The Dr. Scholls Vibrator
It's not really homemade at all, but if you check around your local pharmacies you might be able to find a waterproof vibrator that's intended for your feet, legs, arms and back.

Electric Razor as a Homemade Vibrator
Another easy to find item that can be turned into a discreet vibrator is the new generation of vibrating semi-disposable razors.

Electric Toothbrush Vibrator
Simple, cheap, portable and yet also effective. Learn what sex toy stores don't want you to know about using electric toothbrushes as vibrators.

Video Game Controller Vibrator
More of a warm up than a finale, the modern video game controller makes an interesting vibrator.

Cucumber Dildo
Simple, available and classic penetrator that's cheap and disposable.

Homemade Hot Towel Pussy
A simple sex toy that creates warm friction using items that you probably have right now.

Fake Pocket Pussy Using a Glove
These homemade pussies have been used since rubber gloves were invented.

We will be adding more suggestions for homemade sex toy designs and DIY sex toys projects in the near future, stay tuned for updates.

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