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Storing sex toys and hiding them

Lots of people with sex toys run into the same question with the first one they own. "Where am I gonna keep this thing?" It's important to have a clean place to put your toys when you aren't using them. Proper storage of adult fun items is about keeping them out of sight, and away from dust, sunlight and contamination from mold and other cooties.

For some people the answer is as easy as opening a drawer and dropping your vibrator or pocket pussy in with the socks, or in the nightstand drawer. This isn't such a good idea, as clothing drawers are often full of lint filled items and dust, other drawers might have dirty pocket change, dust and all kinds of other things you wouldn't want to put in your body.

Proper storage of sex toys is an important part of maintaining your adult product, and extending it's useful life span. By keeping it away from things that would contaminate it, you are also contributing to your own good hygiene, just like with a toothbrush.

Another thing to consider is the environment you live in, the last thing you want is a roommate or wife finding your vibrating pussy and putting pictures of it on the internet.

Plastic Containers for Storage: A durable Rubbermaid or Sterilite plastic container with a snap on lid is a great way to store sextoys. You can find these easily and cheaply in any department store, in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. Consider how many sex toys you have now, and whether you'll need storage with room for more in the future, and pick your bin accordingly.

I recommend carefully drilling or cutting a couple of small holes in the container so that the contents can breathe, and moisture can escape. You don't want water left behind from cleaning to stay inside the box with your toy, it creates the kind of environment that might breed bacteria or molds, part of what we want to avoid.

A couple of small dime sized holes in the lid of your container should be sufficient to allow moisture to escape, and help keep your sex toy and it's motor dry and happy, but they might let dust or bugs into the container. We solve this by putting a bit of coffee filter paper or light fabric across the holes, preferably from the inside of the lid. Use a glue gun, multipurpose glue or some tape to hold the fabric in place across the holes.

You can wrap your toy in a clean dry towel or lint-free cloth and place it in the plastic tub, or use a clean hand-towel on the bottom as a liner. Make sure to wash those too now and then.

Even though you've created the perfect home for your sex toy you should still wash it before you use it again. You should also be sure to wash the container your toy has been kept in now and then. Good old warm water and soap will do.

If you want, you can have fun decorating your sex toy container now!

Remove Batteries: It's a good idea to take these out when storing your sex toy. The contacts are less likely to corrode this way, and you won't have an old battery start to leak acid inside, potentially ruining your beloved vibrator.

Shoe Boxes: This is something almost everybody has and as long as your cleaned and dried sex toy is wrapped in a towel or cloth it should be fine. A shoe box is fairly breathable, so there's no need to drill air holes into it.

The problem with a shoe box is that the cardboard is not very permanent, and it can be very unhygienic if an adult toy is placed in there wet, as the cardboard to start to mold or rot.

A towel wrapped around the sex toy should prevent trace moisture from affecting the box though, and also keep cardboard fibers off your toy.

Clever Concealment - Find a Place to Hide it: Once you have a container you might want to hide your sex toy. While your partner spouse or roommate might not care, there is probably someone (visiting parents/friends or a repair man?) that you will want to hide your sex toy from at some point. Find a place where nobody has the right to look without very good reason, like a drawer, under the bed or the back of your closet. Avoid an area with too much dust or other things that can contaminate a clean sex toy.

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