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It used to be tricky work buying sex toys in a brick and mortar store (and in some ways it still can be). Either you had to sneak into a small and suspicious looking store, or you had to order from the back of a magazine (and you had to be sneaky to buy that from a store).

Embarrassed customers rushing through the store to grab something that may or may not meet their needs, then sprinting to the cashier with a red face and fumbling through their wallet was normal behavior in the past. Of course some people would feel completely comfortable in a sex shop, but a large percentage of people simply don't like the experience at all, or avoid going to shops completely.

Luckily, in the 21st century shopping for sex toys is incredibly easy, discreet, and rewarding, thanks to the internet and the hundreds of retailers specializing in adult merchandise.

You can go online and have access to a huge variety of marital aids without leaving the comfort fo your home, and in many cases the selection exceeds what you'd find in a local store. Most sex toy companies deliver your sex toys to the door in a discreet box, you'd never know what's inside from the markings on the packaging.

Local Sex Shops Vs. Online Stores

Going to buy your sex toy in brick and mortar store has it's advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you can see the sex toy you're interested in up close with your own eyes and take it off the shelf. If you like what you see you can walk out with the sex toy that you choose that very day.

The disadvantages of shopping at your local sex shop are things like where it's located, potentially the clientele who shop there, and how comfortable you feel browsing through aisles of rubber penises and vaginas with people nearby (although they are doing the same thing).

Going into a sex shop can be one challenge, getting the item you want off of the shelf and taking it to the counter without turning bright red in the face is another! It all depends on the nature of your personality and how well matched the adult sex store you choose is suited to your tastes.

Another point to consider is the selection of toys. Even the biggest sex shops won't have the selection of products available that you will find in some of the online mega stores. Small sex shops usually have small selections of sex toys to choose from, and prices might be excessive due to lack of local competition.

Live in a small town with no sex toy shopping? Reside in a southern state that makes it hard to buy sex toys legally? You will probably want to shop for sex toys online. There is no law against buying a sex toy online and having it shipped to you, even if your state says sex toys are illegal, they really mean it's illegal to sell sex toys, not buy or own them, so feel free to shop online and have something delivered. Read more about these laws.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of shops out there on the internet, here's some things to look for when choosing where to buy from.

  • selection - you want to have a good variety to choose from
  • price - you don't want to pay top dollar, but cheaper isn't always better either
  • security - look for signs of a secure shopping cart checkout, usually it looks like a padlock that's closed

Shops that are recommended to you are best! *cough, cough*

Be careful who you select, you will want a sex toy merchant with a secure site who has been around for some time.

Here's an article from the University of California, pointing out the difficulty of buying sex toys in the sticks.

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