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Toys to enhance lesbian lovemaking

Some type of sex toy, manufactured or homemade, have probably always been a fixture in lesbian lovemaking, both for penetration, g-spot stimulation and arousal of the clitoris.

Of course fingers, tongues and hands can be used to satisfy a lesbian partner, and with great success, but introducing sex toys can heighten pleasure, just as for any other lovemaking couple. Lesbians can enjoy a variety of shapes and sizes that are difficult replicate with the human female body, and of course, there's the whole vibration thing :)

Some popular sex toys for lesbians

Dildos: The most simple kind of penetration sex toys, dildos are shafted, phallic devices which are simple and inert (compared to a vibrator, which has moving parts). Even a peeled cucumber could be considered a dildo. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, textures and materials. Most are solid right through and can be used solo, together or on the partner in a variety of positions.

Double Dildos:These take the simple format of the dildo (above) and make it suitable for two women to use at the same time. They are just a double length version of a regular dildo sex toy, with a rounded "head" for penetration on each end. Some have a different diameter head on each end, so that one might feel more comfortable for a smaller woman, this is called an AC/DC double dildo.

Strap-On Dildos: The strap-on dildo harness allows a dildo to be worn on the front pelvic or pubic mound area, so that a style of lovemaking similar to male / female intercourse can be achieved. This allows one woman to penetrate the other with a dildo in the missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggy style positions. Some strap-on dildo harnesses allow for a variety of different kinds of dildo attachments to be "plugged in" to the harness. This modular system makes it easy to change dildos, or even vibrator attachments, and clean them as well. It's known as the Vac-U-Loc system.

Vibrators: The most popular class of sex toy would be vibrators, and that's partly because there are literally thousands of designs out there, each with a purpose or special feature. What they all have in common is at least one vibrating motor (some have 3) that can be turned on to create an experience of tingling vibration on the clitoris, inside the vagina, around the sensitive anus, or even the nipples. Some have moving parts in addition to the vibration, and these are often called rabbit vibrators.

Anal Sex Toys:The area around the anus, and the anus itself, are becoming less of a taboo sexually (if in fact it ever was taboo, other than in polite conversation). There are a number of unisex anal toys that can be used by lesbian couples solo or on a partner, heightening stimulation of erogenous zones (best when done in combination with intense clitoral stimulation). There are a number of sub-categories, including butt plugs, anal vibrators and anal beads. There are some very slender anal sex toys on the market.

Lubrication: Several of the above sex toys might work better with some lubrication (especially anal and large sex toys). Sufficient foreplay and arousal skills combined with some saliva might otherwise be sufficient.

For more on this subject, you need look no further than the lesbian positive folks at Babeland.


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