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Enhancing gay sex with adult toys

Gay men can enjoy a few types of sex toys while alone or with their partner. All kinds of sex and lovemaking can benefit by adding adult toys to the mix, and of course gay sex is no exception. With a rapidly growing sex toy industry, there's an increased focus on the gay market. Manufacturers know that gay men aren't afraid of taboos, and often have a healthy interest in sexual experimentation.

Working on the assumption that gay males might avoid detailed vagina shaped masturbators or pussy sex toys, there are now a few masturbators that are designed to look and feel like an anus. Some are unisex, while others are clearly implying "hey, this is a man's anus".

For couples lovemaking there is of course the prerequisite anal lubrication, which can be followed by anal beads, butt plugs, anal vibrators etc. Cockrings are a favorite as well. Condoms can be used not just for protection, but to lessen friction during anal sex, as well as slowing the absorption of lubricant.

These days there are a couple of manufacturers with gay sex toys targeted straight at the gay male demographic, such as Colts, Boi Toyz and more.

As with anyone using a sex toy, male or female, gay or straight - good materials, and spending a few extra bucks, can be rewarded with a more pleasurable experience. Silicone, e-glass and other non-porous sex toy materials are ideal, as they will stay cleaner by not absorbing moisture. This also applies to solid, rigid "glass" dildos and butt plugs. Not absorbing moisture also means that a sex toy won't gobble up all your lubricant (it happens) - leaving the lube to do it's job.

Some Popular Gay Sex Toys

Anal Lubrication: Most of the activities and practices associated with gay sex are best attempted with a generous helping of anal lube. There are a number of lubricants specially designed for anal sex, with more viscosity and slower absorption (see condoms below).

Anal Beads: These fun sex toys come in a few varieties, all with beads or balls attached in a string or in a row on a type of dildo. You insert the beads one after another, and then pull them out slowly, one by one. Anal beads come in a few sizes, and can be solid and firm or soft jelly rubber.

Vibrators: Pretty much the same as a regular vibrator, except that these anal sex toys are more slender and easy to insert into the anus. Those with a combination of anal sex experience and confidence

Butt Plugs: A butt plug can be used for pleasure, or it can be used to prepare the anus by helping it to relax before anal sex. Anal plugs come in many sizes, from very slim to simply huge. Inserting a well lubricated butt plug and leaving it in for awhile helps anal muscles to relax, making penetration easier. There are inflatable butt plugs that can contract and expand, and they are also popular with gay men.

Cock Rings: A properly fitted cock ring can help to both enhance and maintain an erection. The rings come in a bunch of sizes, and some models are adjustable. A cock ring can be made of a firm material like metal or leather, or a soft and stretchy material like jelly rubber used in dildos. It's important to be able to remove the cock ring fairly easily, and not wear one that's so tight that it causes circulation problems in the penis. Some men prefer elaborate Cock & Ball cage type

Condoms: Aside from helping to prevent the spread of STD's like AIDS, condoms can provide a smooth, slick surface for anal penetration. The condom not only reduces friction, it will also slow the absorption of the lubricant used for anal sex, so you won't likely have to reapply as often. For gay sex, condoms with a spermicide are probably not needed. Make sure your lubricant is water based or condom compatible.

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