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Bondage gear for beginners

WARNING: There is always some potential for bodily harm when engaging in bondage activity, especially with rope. Make sure you have proper training under a master before undertaking any serious bondage play with rope.

The fetish activity involving the art of restraint known as bondage is part art form, part kink and has a reputation that evokes all kinds of imagery, some of which is a little scary to some people.

Being into bondage gear doesn't mean you have to live in New York or L.A., have body piercing's or live an alternative lifestyle 24/7. Lots of bondage fans lead "normal" lives where you'd never guess they were into kinky sex, unless they told you. Doctors, teachers, waitresses, moms and dads, just about anyone can (and does) enjoy this sexual pastime at some level.

Having a sexual fetish or hobby to indulge in gives lots of men and women a fulfilled, empowered feeling in their private life that they can draw on in their public life.

Bondage and it's accoutrements are have always existed in small towns, big cities, church groups, trailer parks and anywhere else people like to spice up sex. Bondage is absolutely considered an art form by some of it's disciples. It can use a number of different methods and trappings, and fetishists interested in bondage usually have a particular favorite.

There's bondage with leather restraints, cuffs and manacles. Or how about bondage that specializes in intricate and elaborate rope work to create fantastic and erotic forms and shapes using a human-rope canvas? Some bondage fetishists are very particular about the specific type of equipment used, right down to small details, like whether cuffs can be padded, or un-padded.

leather bondage gear kit

This black leather bondage gear kit includes a blindfold, leather wrist cuffs, a spanking paddle, flog and collar are all included in this starter s&m bondage gear kit, as well as a video to familiarize couples with the world of Masters and Slaves.

It's especially easy to get into bondage now that individuals and couples can buy the bondage gear without even leaving the house. Just like with sex toys, it's a simple matter of visiting an online sex toy store to get what you need discreetly. Wikipedia has a number of pages with material on bondage philosophy and safety for some deep background information on the practice.

You can find all manner of handy stuff, from leather cuffs and restraints, to handcuffs and leather spanking paddles. There's also soft, fur handcuffs or even bed sheet based tie town systems, for a less serious approach. These offer an alternative to the black leather and PVC look so commonly associated with bondage and restraint.

leather restraining gear
Pictured: an assortment of bondage gear

For a seldom seen gentle side of bondage, with less emphasis on 'domination' there's soft silk rope cuffs and bondage rope, with a gentle and fuzzy blindfold. Soft core bondage nights with being gently bound, tickled with a feather and a little spanking on the bottom can provide a great way to pleasure each other.

Heavy black leather restraints with cold steel buckles, rivets, rings and fasteners give the timeless art of bondage sense of history. Initiates enjoy the feeling of leather on skin, binding hands and feet, the familiar smell and creak of leather can be intoxicating.

Handcuffs and wrist cuffs ...

A set of comfortable soft fur handcuffs for a bit of light bondage between adults can be a riot. This type of soft fur cuffs provide a nice covering for contact with the wrists., much better for some folks than cold, hard steel.

The handcuffs are lined with a synthetic type of fur, not real animal stuff. Cuffs with fur covers can be had in lots of colors and animal patterns (leopard, zebra, tiger etc). Leather is another option for handcuffs, and is more in keeping with the traditional bondage and restraint theme.

fur handcuffs

Law enforcement handcuffs aren't soft of course, but these handcuffs are for fantasy sex play only.

The fur covered handcuffs have covers on the steel bracelets provides some padding between sensitive wrist bones, and the hard metal bands. Most of these novelty handcuffs have a release latch that can open the cuffs without keys. Usually the person wearing the handcuffs can reach the release and get free if they want to.

With any kind of cuff set, make sure you do not restrict circulation in any way by fastening too tightly.

These leather wrist cuffs have a nice lavender color. They are great for a couple seeking to spice up their sex life with some light BDSM, and a light hearted feminine color.

leather handcuffs

The wide leather wrist bands on these cuffs distribute any pressure, so they are pretty comfortable on the skin. Because they are relatively flexible, these softer leather bondage cuffs are great for gently securing your loved ones hands while you do your thing.

Rope bondage

This soft and supple Japanese silk bondage rope is made to be gentle and warm on the skin. Beautiful to the touch and 16 feet long, you can relax and enjoy your bondage fantasy with soft silk love rope, as it's easy for tying and untying knots. For bondage there is no binder more comfortable than silk rope.

Rope bondage is an art form, especially in Japan, where it orginates, and indeed bondage art is growing with the help of the internet. They even have rope bondage conventions!

Japanese silk love rope

Each length of silk rope come with a booklet of rope bondage techniques to learn how to safely tie things up. You might want to order more than one length of Japanese silk love rope, as many couples find they want other colors, or more length for attempting more intricate bondage art.

The famous soft and silky japanese bondage rope is also available in pre made handcuff form. These simple Japanese silk rope handcuffs are easy to use and comfortable for light bondage use. Based on the soft, supple and easy to work with Japanese silk bondage rope, you have a comfortable pair of metal-free cuffs that are soft and don't create the pressure points that you get from contact with hard steel.

The soft silk rope makes bondage a comfortable and sensual experience. Just put your hands through the silk rope loops, and cinch them up a bit. You can feel that the silk is soft and forgiving in complete contrast to hard, cold like metal handcuffs.

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