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With so many people willing to introduce adult toys into their life, and into their bedrooms, there's more and more to talk about. This is where you can find our articles, guides and editorials with tips, advice and practical ideas you can put to use to improve your life with sex toys. Read up!

Shopping Tips!
Embarrassed customers rushing through the store to grab something that may or may not meet their needs, then sprinting to the cashier with a red face and fumbling through their wallet was normal behavior in the past. Of course some people would feel completely comfortable in a sex shop, but a large percentage of people simply don't like the experience at all, or avoid going to shops completely...

Cleaning and Maintenance: how-to guide
Just like any piece of gear, your adult toys will work better and last longer if you take care of them properly and keep them clean. Because your adult toys will be in intimate contact with your private parts, or those of a loved one, you have to clean after each use...

Storage Solutions
Lots of people with sex toys run into the same question with the first one they own. "Where am I gonna keep this thing?" It's important to have a clean place to put your toys when you aren't using them. Proper storage of adult fun items is about keeping them out of sight, and away from dust, sunlight and contamination from mold and other cooties...

Lubricants and Lubrication 101
There's all manner of things that would be difficult if not impossible to achieve without lubrication, and this also applies when we are talking about sexual intercourse, and masturbation with sex toys. Proper use of a personal lubricant will reduce the likelyhood of pain or injury due to friction, it's amazing how much friction flesh on flesh contact can generate!

Illustrated Pictorial Guides
Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, or at least a couple hundred. The galleries we are putting together here will serve a few purposes, but the main idea is to better convey information on how to enjoy different sex toys as clearly as possible with drawings...

Gay Sex Toys
Gay men can enjoy a few types of sex toys while alone or with their partner. All kinds of sex and lovemaking can benefit by adding adult toys to the mix, and of course gay sex is no exception. With a rapidly growing sex toy industry, there's an increased focus on the gay market. Manufacturers know that gay men aren't afraid of taboos, and often have a healthy interest in sexual experimentation...

Lesbian Sex Toys
Of course fingers, tongues and hands can be used to satisfy a lesbian partner, and with great success, but introducing sex toys can heighten pleasure, just as for any other lovemaking couple. Lesbians can enjoy a variety of shapes and sizes that are difficult replicate with the human female body, and of course, there's the whole vibration thing...

Adult Toy Laws in the South
A number of states in the southern United States have laws relating to the legality of selling sex toys, or counties within them that somehow try to restrict the sale of sex toys to residents. Rather than giving a rational reason for these bans, these states communities often try to keep adult toys out for 'moral' reasons, often catering to the demands of extremist christian groups who want to enforce their moral views with laws.

Bondage Gear for Fun
The fetish activity involving the art of restraint known as bondage is part art form, part kink and has a reputation that evokes all kinds of imagery, some of which is a little scary to some people. Being into bondage gear doesn't mean you have to live in New York or L.A., have body piercing's or live an alternative lifestyle 24/7. Lots of bondage fans lead "normal" lives where you'd never guess they were into kinky sex, unless they told you. Doctors, teachers, waitresses, moms and dads, just about anyone can (and does) enjoy this sexual pastime at some level.

DIY Homemade Sex Toys
A do it yourself (DIY) homemade sex toy solution might be right for your needs, and the materials to make a clever contraption of pleasure might be closer than you think. Men and women can both use readily available objects to create effective sex toys that are inexpensive, and since they are usually common household items or disposable, there's no need to store or hide the device when you are done...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The area of the site where I struggle to answer your "how to" and "what's better" or "how deviant am I?" questions. Got a sex toy related question? Email us, and we may use it on the site (with names humorously altered to protect the innocent of course).

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