Choosing and enjoying the right dildo

A dildo is a simple blunt cylinder or penis shaped sex toy for penetration of the vagina or anus. Sometimes people refer to vibrators as dildos as well, but for our purposes, if it has a motor and vibrates, it's not a dildo.

Sizes can vary from a small dildo 4 inches to a large dildo 13 inches in length. Some dildos are too large for most people, with a circumference or girth of up to 8 inches, they are for extremists only.

The dildo is perhaps one of the oldest known sex toys, owing in part to it's simplicity. This stone dildo was found in a cave, and is believed to be 28,000 years old!


Dildos can be found in smooth shafted models, ribbed, veined, pointy, and lots of other shapes and sizes. Each design has a specific purpose, so there is no 'standard' dildo.

Double Dildo
A double dildo is long enough to allow for simultaneous penetration of 2 vaginas at once. Most double dildos are between 12 and 18 inches in length from end to end to allow for penetration with some space in between the women using it.

Dual Penetration (DP)
These kinds of dildos have two penetrating shafts, one for the vagina, and he other for the anus. These dildos are used by women who desire the feeling of simultaneous vaginal anal penetration. The anal dildo is smaller in diameter for an easier fit.

Self explanatory really, these are dildos with extra length, girth or both.

Strap-on Dildo
A good strap on dildo harness system is designed to allow the owner to swap between different dildo attachments. This allows for variety and easy cleaning of the various dildo components. The strap-on attachments are attached to a basic leather harness that is worn on the hips and under the crotch.

There are dildos with mechanical features, like inflatable dildos or squirting dildos that simulate ejaculation.

Suction Cup
Many dildos have a suction cup on the base, this can be a good feature when you can get it. Attach the suction cup on the dildo to a smooth, flat surface, and you have an easy way to use the dildo without needing your hands free.


This is not a joke. You can even make a toy in your kitchen. Check out this homemade dildo and do not be shocked :).

This soft and squishy rubber is one of the more common materials used to make dildo sex toys. It's very soft and very flexible and pliable. Many jelly sex toys have a scented ingredient added to cover up the strong rubber smell of the material.

The best material for dildos or any sex toy really. Silicone dildos are durable, flexible and hypoallergenic, and have little to no odor. A silicone dildo has the advantage of being easy to keep clean as it can be boiled, or washed with a 10% solution of bleach and hot water.

Realistic Dildo
These dildos have an almost velvety simulated skin feeling. This kind of realistic material has names like cyberskin, futurotic and ur3. In combination with the realistic dildo material, most of the lifelike models have details like veins and hand painted coloring.

Glass and Acrylic
Pyrex, or a heavy duty acrylic that looks like glass, are less common dildo materials. If gently warmed with water these glass dildos will retain heat well. Another feature of glass is it's also the best one of the easier materials for cleaning. The firm and rigid feel of a glass dildo or acrylic dildo is another feature that some enjoy.

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