Clitoris Pump Stimulation Devices

by Ian Coverdale

A clitoris pump is a specially designed vibrator made with stimulation of the sensitive the glans clitoris in mind.

Vibrators are the most common sex toys for women, but most designs focus on vibration and penetration in the vulva area. Although penetration is an important part of sexual pleasure for some of women, it's secondary in importance to stimulation of the clitoris. The clitoris is a complicated thing, with lots of sensitive nerves.

While a traditional vibrator can be held against the clitoris for a wonderful stimulating effect, it's not specially designed for that purpose.

Enter the clitoris pump. It looks like a kind of small oxygen mask with a soft rubber cup that fits over the clitoris area, covering the female clitoral gland completely and sealing it inside.

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Photo: This Clitoris Pump is a fairly standard design, with a soft cup to place over the clitoral area.

A hose attached to the outside of the clitoris pump cup ends with a hand bulb. Squeezing the bulb in your hand results in suction on the clitoral area. When blood rushes in to fill the clitoris because of the suction, the sensitivity of the glans clitoris area is enhanced.

That increased sensitivity of the glans clitoris region makes the waves of sensation from the vibrator built into most clit pumps that much more intense.Lots of women have found a clitoral pump is a sure ticket to orgasm, where other methods of stimulation have failed.

This clitoris vibrator is a combination sex toy, with a vibrating action and a mild sucking effect. Designed to be used on the clitoris area, this jelly vagina pleaser has the shape of a mouth and a soft jelly tongue.

Using a soft jelly material and a suction cup base for attaching to flat surfaces, with a hand pump for suction and a vibrating tongue, this clit specific women's vibrator can bring intense waves of pleasure.The vibration alone is enough to make many women just lie back and enjoy.

A bit of lube (or saliva) can help to form a seal around the clitoral area, for more effective pumping action.

Clitoris Pump Use: Simply cover the clitoris with the small rubber cup, then turn on the vibrator component (if your sex toy has one). Now press the cup gently against the clitoris/vagina take the pump bulb in your free hand, and start pumping. Try playing with rhythms and different ways of releasing pressure.

Washing a Clit Pump: Cleaning a clitoris pump is as simple as taking it apart and washing the parts that touch your vagina with warm water. Make sure you store it in a dry place away from dust until you use it again.

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