The joy of anal sex toys

These days anal toys are a popular category of sex toys for a couple of reasons. Primarily it's because they have appeal for both men and women, as both sexes are equipped with the same ability to enjoy anal stimulation.

Anal sex, and anal play in general have become less and less taboo since the 60s and 70s, as people became more sexually aware, and stigmas associated with anal sex fade somewhat. The more people are exposed to anal sex, the more apparent it is that it's not that dirty, and done right, it shouldn't be painful.

This means that anal stimulation is something people are that much more comfortable approaching, whether it be with a finger, tongue or butt plug, or penis. Techniques for enjoying hygienic and pain-free anal sex are common sense, but more people are aware of the methods nowadays.

While a heterosexual male is still the least likely to enjoy anal sex toy pleasures (or even experiment) heterosexual females are becoming more anally adventurous, as are lesbians. Of course homosexual males have always enjoyed anal activities amongst themselves.

There's anal sex toys made to do different jobs. Like with all sex toys, some are simple, some complex, some vibrate, some don't. The materials vary as well. There's rubber, plastic and jelly in many designs, as well as higher quality silicone material in a few.

Browse the categories below to get specific info on each type of anal toy.

Like all sex toys, some categories of anal toys overlap each other from time to time, but here are the main types of anal sex toys.

Anal Beads
There are two kinds of anal beads or "climax beads". One type has a grouping of small beads on a string together, the other has a shaft where the bead shapes are attached to each other in a tight row.

Anal Probes
There's always a few anal toys that are hard to put in the other categories - most of those end up being called 'probes'. This is a bit of a 'miscellaneous' category.

Anal Vibrators
These are like regular vibrators for the vagina, only the shaft is more narrow, for easier penetration of the tighter anus.

Butt Plugs
The well known butt plug family consists of a short and blunt tipped shaft that gets wider toward the base, designed not to go in too far, and possibly be left in the anal cavity awhile, perhaps during sex or while using other sex toys.

About Anal Play

"Should I try anal sex toys?"
If you aren't put of by the thought, and you are curious enough to ask, then chances are you could find it's worth expanding your horizons.

"What kind of heterosexual person likes stuff in their butt?"
We all have essentially the same bundle of nerves down there, and the anus is one of the more sensitive parts of the body. Having the capacity to feel pleasure from, and enjoy these anal nerves is not limited to any particular sexual preference or orientation.

If you are looking to experiment with anal sex or anal sex toys, you would be best to at least get a sense of how you feel about anal penetration before you involve a partner. The safest and cheapest way to do this could be as simple as an inexpensive and well lubricated small butt plug, one that's narrow and slim.

A slender butt plug is softer and more forgiving than a finger, and doesn't have any sharp or abrasive edges to cause irritation.

Tips: Always lubricate, ALWAYS! Make sure you have enough lube to re-apply to your sex toy if the first round is absorbed. Make sure your anal lubricant is compatible with any condoms you may be using (water based lubes are best for this). Start small and work your way up - don't tackle a massive butt plug if you are a beginner.

A tight anus needs to be respected with not only lube, but gentle preparation with a finger or butt plug. Even better is to use lubricant with a condom to further reduce friction during hard anal sex. The condom makes a super slippery, less absorbent surface for smoother contact with the tight rectal muscles.

One of the most common complaints of pain during anal play is from sharp fingernails. Both men and women engaging in anal finger play have to be aware that sharp nails often carry bacteria that can lead to infection. Only use clean fingers and try to keep your nails in good condition.

How to Clean: Anal sex toys need to be washed very thoroughly with warm water and soap, rinse and then repeat. After you are sure the sex toy is as clean as you can get it, dry it well and store out of the dust and sun until you use it again.

Anal Sex Resources and Info:

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  • Ask Men - An article discussing what women like and don't like about anal play.
  • Wikipedia - A huge Wikipedia page with lots of interesting reading on the history and practice of anal sex among heterosexuals and homosexuals.

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